Just because you live outside of Dublin, why should you pay more to sell your property!

On average people outside of Dublin will pay an extra 1/2 of a percent.

Please read through the sections below to find out more about Castle.

About Castle Royal

Covid-19 has taught me to work from homes as is the
same for so many of us.

I live in Meath and this virus has made me realise
just what a beautiful part of Ireland
we live in and I want to concentrate my efforts
helping people from my own county.

Having worked in Dublin, with Castle for many
years, which is one
of the biggest independently owned estate agencies
in the country with over 200 properties
on our books, For Sale & Sale Agreed.

We are also now working with Keller Williams from the USA.

Real estate is about relationships. We are committed to
achieving the highest possible price for your property.
You can then make the informed
decision if you want to sell at
that price.

It will be a long time before homeowners want
strangers walking round their homes and why
should they!!

We will value, list and advertise your property at Dublin prices
allowing you to test the market and establish the current market
selling price for your property.

In today’s climate, since the lock down we have
listed 26 houses and actually sale agreed 17.

No hassle No pressure No sale No charge.

Who is Keller Williams?

Castle now is powered by Keller Williams which is the biggest real estate and tech company
on the planet with over 180,000 agents worldwide.

Imagine what an audience your house could be seen by. All our listings are available to
every KW agent around the world. We are finding that more and more Americans are wanting
to buy a place in Ireland than ever before and who can blame them.

We also deal with a lot of Asian investors, I’m sure you might have come across this over recent years.
They have deals available to them if they invest in the country, so let’s show them what we have.

Keller Williams also bring $1Billion spent on technology which is paving the way estate agents do business.
Without this I’m sure many agents will get left behind in the very near future.


This is the most exciting part of our business, helping us to do our work more efficiently
than ever before. Here are a few examples of this.

Our new Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) will allow us to look after more clients than ever before.
This is due to many automated functions which will keep our contacts in communication with us and visa-versa.
It is a one stop shop for all our agents needs including, listing properties, designing social media ads and other
campaigns both for free and paid. This enables us to look after 1000’s of buyers with emails been sent according to location.
We will know what every stage our clients are at and be able to keep the pressure on outside influences to help your sale progress even smoother.
It will allow all our clients access to the whole of the market, not just what we have available. This new App will be available to the general public in the coming months,
making is easier for you to keep ahead of the game.

We also use Ricoh Tours which is a stunning service and is able to show interested parties
your property with out them even visiting your home.
Matterport is another company which will offer 3D views, doll house effects and improved floor plans.

Virtual walkthroughs will be used which will also help people to get a better grasp on properties, again, with out actually going to the house.

Add all these up and hopefully you will see the real benefit to you.

What we offer.

Included in our package is advertising on MyHome, Daft, our own site & all KW Agents
worldwide and of course to the 100’s of buyers on our books.

We are able setup Virtual Walkthroughs, 360°
Tours & 3D tours.

With Castle we start working for you right now, without a single cent upfront, you only pay us when
your property has been sold.

We also do free Probate Valuations and Valuations for the Fair Deal scheme.

Why wait for restrictions to be lifted. Get ahead
of the market by acting NOW.

To avail of all these services, please take a second to complete the form below.

Whether you are interested in buying or selling a property, you’ll know that we are here to help and are in good hands.

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